About Us

  • Assuring the health of your employees and your bottom line

    LifeWise Assurance Company is your source for flexible, reliable stop-loss coverage, user-friendly online tools, and unsurpassed support.

    We provide stop-loss insurance programs to employers in the following states:

    • Alaska
    • Oregon
    • Washington

    Over the past quarter-century, we’ve built and maintained solid relationships with thousands of companies and producers. LifeWise Assurance offers the resources of a regional carrier with the responsive service of a local company.

    With more and more employer groups opting to self-fund their health coverage, we’re here to serve the evolving needs of this growing market. We help facilitate success for employers and producers.

  • Our continued profitability and financial strength have allowed us to expand our sales and service network to include all locations throughout the region we serve.